Do you wish to live in a world that is moving in the direction of Star Trek? If you knew that there was an Alliance here on Earth and in Space that were working for Full Disclosure (of the Secret Space Program; advanced technologies; advanced cures; etc.) would you want to help them save our planet?

There Are. We Can.


Intrepid Voyagers is a school for learning how to work together in teams (with a minimum of three people in order to “triangulate” to find the correct focus or location) to help save our planet (and any others that need help), under the aegis of the Greater Good. Our goal is Service to Others.

How can we help the Galaxy?


In short: Sheldrake’s Hundred Monkey Theory. Whenever “one hundred” people (or animals, trees… anything with a life force) learn something, or begin to all do something in the same way…that information becomes an energy field that enters the ether and is accessed by life forces that are ready to receive and change to the new energy patterns. Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.

In 2005 I remote viewed a room that had a round table with 16 chairs surrounding it. In the center of the table was a translucent Globe of Earth – a hologram. One area was highlighted by a laser light. I knew immediately that people would sit around that table and use remote viewing, telepathy and empathy to help balance the energy of the area that was being highlighted. I also knew that someday I would recreate that round table in a school. (Interestingly, that same round table showed up in a memory described by Corey Goode. A drawing of a similar room can be seen on Corey’s website: SphereBeingAlliance.com – with the main difference being that he witnessed E.T.’s present along with humans. His memory/drawing is one of several reasons that I recognize Corey Goode as being truthful.)

Now is the time. Some of you are aware of the changes that have been occurring to our planet. The Sun has turned opalescent white; the random spikes of the Schumann Resonance; the Mandela Effect – constantly changing and compressing of timelines; and for some, a move 25,000 light years closer to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy to the Orion Spur.

It is the time for Ascension. Earth is moving from the Third Dimension through to the Fourth Dimension and possibly even to the Fifth Dimension. We can move along with it… to the higher energy dimension.
In the summer of 2016, I moved from a timeline where our Earth was on the “edge” of the Galaxy. At such a distance, our remote viewing skills averaged about 35% accuracy with the exception that twice a day, when one was at a 90 degree angle facing away from the center of the Galaxy, one could double one’s accuracy to 70%. (Sadly, it was a gorgeous Earth that I left behind… and far less E.T activity as there was no local ‘Grand Central Station’ portal to other Universes – as we have here on the Orion Spur.)

However, on the Orion Spur we gain from the proximity to the center of the Galaxy. Here, using the 13:30 effect (more on this in class), there is a two hour window every day when our remote viewing accuracy is increased by 400%! I have experienced this increase in accuracy.

Put it all together – the increased energy from the Sun; the ever changing Schumann Resonance; the proximity to the Center of the Galaxy, and my own experiences as proof – I know in my Heart that now EVERYONE can learn to access the Ether.

The key to entering the ether is through the Heart, – not the brain. The brain is high-jacked by the super ego; by fear of authority; by endless propaganda, etc. Any parent who suddenly “knows” that something just happened to their child who is twenty miles away – and are correct (!) – will understand accessing the ether through the heart.

We start with balancing our own energy. – in an airplane crisis, we put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, and then put it on the baby. Following Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we will teach ways to use remote viewing, telepathy and empathy to reach self-actualization (aka Sovereignty): from balancing our physiology, methods of self-protection (also used for travelling in the ether), forgiveness of self and others, improving self-esteem; through exploring Star family connections, finding our True Purpose, and remembering past lives that specifically relate to fulfilling all of the above.

Every person has their own special gift. Every gift is as individual as our fingerprints. Some will excel in empathy. Others in telepathy. Some will hear music telepathically while others will resonate to colors. Every soul carries with it a necessary piece of the whole. We really are all one.

Intrepid Voyagers is a school of and for biodiversity.

Full Disclosure Now.

Who We Are


My name is Lesley Appleby. I am the Founder of Intrepid Voyagers – A School for Remote Viewing; Telepathy; and Empathy.

I began remote viewing as a child – (to my mother’s chagrin). When I was a teenager, I awoke one night and saw the word TAO emblazoned across my ceiling. Looking the word “TAO” up in an Encyclopedia, I discovered “The Way”. This led to my understanding and accepting the teachings of Christ, who also taught “The Way”. Finding and following one’s “path” is something that I will explore with you in Intrepid Voyagers.