My name is Lesley Appleby. I am the Founder of Intrepid Voyagers – A School for Remote Viewing; Telepathy; and Empathy.

I began remote viewing as a child – (to my mother’s chagrin). When I was a teenager, I awoke one night and saw the word TAO emblazoned across my ceiling. Looking the word “TAO” up in an Encyclopedia, I discovered “The Way”. This led to my understanding and accepting the teachings of Christ, who also taught “The Way”. Finding and following one’s “path” is something that I will explore with you in Intrepid Voyagers.

When I was twenty, I remembered in detail a past life that I had in Ancient Egypt where I was in a school learning Telepathy and Remote Viewing. We believed in One God. We were taught of the path to Ascension that would occur in this present-day time period. We were told that when we reincarnate during THIS time period, we “must remember.” And we were told that all the lives that we had between then and this present time would be a step-by-step development to prepare us for our own Ascension – and for helping others Ascend, within the structure of what is for the Greater Good.

I received my B.A. from C.C.N.Y in the field of Parapsychology, under the tutelage of Dr. Gertrude Schmeidler (the Professor who wrote Ingo Swann’s referral letter to Hal Putoff.) I was part of a team that actively researched Remote Viewing using triple blind Experimental Psychology Protocols.

I have studied Remote Viewing with David Morehouse – through the Explorer Level (CRV and ERV); and with Lyn Buchanan (CRV). (Please see Source Materials for more information.)

I am a published Astrologer (Dell Horoscope), with over fifty years experience. I studied with Rob Hand, Robert Zoller (who predicted 9-11 – date and location) and other well-known astrologers.

My path has been full of adventure. In my mid 20’s I completed my degree, and worked on Wall Street for a British Discount House. For the next 10 years I owned an Italian Wine Import business named Estate Wines of Italy, LLC. (That’s a book to be written.) I then fell in to computers for another 10 years (yes, I am old), ending with being the ‘acting’ Executive Director of Operations for Asia and Australia, for what was then called Thomson Financial (now Thomson Reuters) – a full-time position I turned down due to 9-11. After 9-11, I felt that I needed to move back to the States.

Since 2001,  I have spent all but the last year taking care of elderly parents (one passed at 101, the other at 99 years of age).

During this time, along with studying Remote Viewing, I also received a Certificate for Past Life Regression Training from Brian Weiss who wrote, “Many Lives, Many Masters”.

I am a musician of 60 plus years. I studied with Misha Hoffman (Assistant conductor to Stokowski with the Philadelphia Orchestra in the 1950s) and Paul Ostrovsky (Pianist for the Moscow Conservatory Trio).
And now I am fulfilling my overall purpose in life – teaching.