Project Ballpark

If you follow our blog (thank you by the way) you’ve probably noticed we aren’t posting our typical blog posts on the home page! I know what all four or five of you are thinking… “oh they gave up” or “oh they fizzled out just like every other blogger” but ALAS! we have not! We’ve just created pages for each of our latest posts under the Project Ballpark link above! I try to write blogs one or two days after visiting each ballpark, so after looking at the dates on the schedule, you can expect a blog post no later than 3 days later! If we haven’t visited one of the ballparks but you have recommendations or advice on the area, leave us a comment!

Roadtrippin’ – Redwood Trees and the Walmart Parking Lot

written by Chad

Day 3/53 | 430 miles today/960 miles total | Morgan Hill, CA

So this morning JT woke me up at 8am… anyone that knows me can guess how pleased I was with that. As comfortable as a mostly deflated air mattress in the back of a Subaru on the side of some back road is, I still would have rather remained asleep for a few more hours. JT had other things on his mind though, mostly getting to the gym so that he could get in a good workout before our 7 hour drive to San Jose. So, JT hopped in the drivers seat and off we went while I tried to sleep in the passenger seat.

A few minutes later we drove past a diner and I demanded we pull in for some coffee and breakfast, mostly because they had a pet emu in a pen out front. I mean how often do you get to have coffee with an Emu (unless you’re in Australia I guess)? We ordered our food and I gulped down my liquid energy (coffee), without which I will remain cranky all day. The food was average and the coffee did its job, and after paying our bill we were off to drive through a tree.

Ten minutes later we arrived at the Klamath Tour Thru Tree. Driving thru a giant redwood has actually always been one of my bucket list items, and there are only 3 trees left in CA where you can do this. The other two trees are a little smaller, so my Subaru with a Yakima Skybox on top wouldn’t fit. So if you’re not driving a sedan and you want to drive through a tree make sure you make your way out to Klamath. It only costs $5, and we went through it twice, once for the experience and once for the photos. If you are ever in the area it is worth the visit, and there was no line so that was a pleasant surprise.

After getting my fill of the Giant Redwoods we were off to San Jose to have dinner with our friends, Nick, Courtney and Courney’s family. They were making ribs and we had a seven hour drive to get there, but first we had to stop at the gym for our daily routine. After an hour and a half of gym and showering time we hit the road and made it to San Jose. Traffic wasn’t bad at all, but we made the best of the drive listening to Podcasts, my new favorite pastime. I discovered this new series by NPR titled “How I Built This”. Each podcast does an interview with a famous entrepreneur about how they built their empire. As an aspiring entrepreneur myself, I have become a bit enamored with their stories. Listen to it if you want to know how things like Instagram and Airbnb went from ideas with no support to the success stories they are today.

Well after several Podcasts and a few power naps later we arrived at Courtney’s parents house for dinner. I had never met her family, but they were awesome! They are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and it wasn’t long into the night until we insisted they visit us when we establish a home base (wherever that may be) . As it got later we had to decide where to sleep, a constant chore that I have grown tired of quickly. We settled on a Walmart parking lot, since so many road trip blogs recommend it.

When we got to Walmart we chose a space in the far corner away from everything, but I still didn’t want people to look at me while I was sleeping if they did pass by, so JT had an idea. We bought a king sized black sheet and cut it up. Then we stuck it up in all the doors so that no one could see anything. It worked and I slept semi-well that night. I think I have finally decided that I need to sleep in the middle of nowhere. I get really anxious when people walk around the car or drive near it, so I can never sleep very well in those type of settings.

Funny enough, Courtney and Nick decided to visit the Walmart we were sleeping at the next morning and sent us a snap of them driving by us. Good news, you couldn’t see in the car so mission accomplished I guess!

Roadtrippin’ – Keystone Light and Adult Diapers

Day 2/53 |  290 miles today/530 miles total | Crescent City, CA

One of the nicest things about leaving earlier than we anticipated was that we didn’t feel we needed to rush anything to get to San Francisco for game #1. So we decided to take a leisurely detour to the 101 as opposed to straight shooting down I-5 to the bay. This has paid off to be both a blessing and a curse (sort of). Not a lot happened today but a couple of things we can highlight.

I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of Grants Pass, Oregon? Probably not many of you. Regardless, we stopped in Grants Pass to run a few errands, which included an always eventful trip to Walmart where we encountered a lady in line for self checkout in her motorized scooter with nothing but Keystone Light and adult diapers – clearly down to party. Seriously, if you don’t walk out of Walmart with at least one story, you did it wrong or you weren’t actually in a Walmart.

That being said, we had seen a few Dutch Bros Coffee stands scattered around southern Washington and Oregon during our trip. I’ve always loved Dutch Bros, ever since my college days at Washington State and Chad has started to develop a liking for them as well. Chad, being the knowledge seeker that he is, asked me if I knew where Dutch Bros was founded and me (being the kind of person that will spurt out some BS answer without actually knowing the correct one) told him I thought it was somewhere in Idaho. I whipped out my phone and Wiki’d the answer and low and behold, Dutch Bros did not start in Idaho, but ironically was founded in none other than Grants Pass, Oregon! I thought the coincidence was too good not to share. We bought our Kicker and Carmelizer and scurried on our way to the California border.

We zigzagged through the Redwood National Park for a couple of hours, amazed by the size and girth of these giant woody trees with the thought we were going to drive through all the way to Eureka, California. I’m going to be frank, Chad and I are equally enamored by big shiny things; so when we hit a little town called Crescent City, we were greeted by a big, shiny Ferris wheel! Lord help me. We caught Crescent City during the famous Del Norte Fair. So we pulled up to the beach front to have ourselves our dinner of meat, cheese and bread with the intention of going to enjoy the last couple of hours of the fair. Much to our chagrin, we strolled up to the nice lady texting at the ticket booth and was informed that it probably wasn’t worth paying for a ticket because in 15 minutes anyone could walk in for free and that the fair would be closing in an hour and 15 minutes.

So we decided to forgo the event and headed to the local theater and saw Charleze Theron kick ass at Atomic Blonde.

After the movie we decided to try sleeping in the car in parking lot of the Safeway next door. After a couple of minutes of hearing random people walk and drive by, Chad made his way to the front seat and drove us to the middle of the Redwood Forest where we crashed for a “restful” evening. I hope you enjoyed my attempt at intensifying a pretty routine day of travel. Until tomorrow!



Roadtrippin’ – The Deets

Written by JT

Day 1/53 | 240 miles today/240 miles total | Albany, OR

So we officially started our seemingly endless road trip yesterday and as we continue to maneuver our way through Oregon, we’ve figured out that we’ve done MANY things right so far. Make no mistake I’m sure that we’re going to run into some blips and I will be sure to share those with you (regretfully). But we’re feeling confident so far so I wanted to let you know what we’re pretty excited about.

Happy Skin: It all started with Chad falling in love with his aesthetician the other day. Beautiful girl with incredible skin and she was kind enough to answer the questions that Chad drilled her with. That being said, Chad has a backup plan and we have a new skin care regimen that has already proven results. Thumbs up to aging backwards! (BTW, drink lots of water and tanning beds apparently aren’t that bad for you as long as you wear sunscreen… also sulfates are bad).

Closet On Top: So we stopped in Portland (no sales tax, YAY) to make our first big investment for the trip. This came in the form of a 16 cubic foot Yakima Skybox that will conveniently sit atop the Outback and serve as our storage unit. Not entirely groundbreaking but we’ve separated our clothes into different bags (shorts, shirts, shoes, underwear, socks, etc) and this almost serves as different drawers. PLUS we bought an 88 cent mesh laundry bag for our dirty clothes so that can sit up there too without causing a buildup of “boyfunk” in the cabin of the vehicle (props to Mama Cook for coining the term boyfunk to describe the sensation that happens when a group of teenage boys hang out in a small space overnight while their pubescent odors create an invisible smog that everyone but the boys that create it can smell). Definitely an organized nightmare saver.

Wellness: With a road trip as long as this one is, one thing we did NOT want to do is stay in a hotel every night. Luckily, we are fortunate to stay with friends and family in places like Phoenix, Texas, Florida, Detroit and Atlanta but for the rest of the places we’ll plan on “roughing it” by posting up in the back of the car. We’ve done it during some of our various trips and it’s not the MOST fun but it beats the hell out of paying $100 bucks for a hotel every night. Now, that being said we ain’t going a day with a showering because we’re not heathens. Also, we’ll be sitting in a car for way too long to not get some sort of exercise in and after that we’ll need to refresh. So we did some research and got a gym membership. The that we chose gym is awesome because for $20 a month we get access to over 1,300 locations nationwide, free tanning, free hydro-massages and then a place where we can shower. We budget about an hour and a half each day for this to keep ourselves in shape and smelling not so bad.

Food: We’re growing boys and we get hungry and I am personally hungry nearly 24 hours a day and eating out all of the time is not always the healthiest option and definitely not cost effective – plus the abundance of ballpark foods we will probably consume will give us our fix of fats, sugars and carbs. So we have a sexy red cooler in the back of the car with sliced meats, cheeses, condiments, two growlers of beer (trust me this will be necessary) and a 10 pound bag of ice in it. So if we’re ever hungry we get our carbs, protein and calcium in one quick meal. We also have protein bars and instant coffee to tide us over if we need something really quick if we have like 14 hours to get to a location with only 20 hours to spare (which we will encounter from Oakland to Anaheim… yikes).

Podcasts: One can only listen to the same road trip playlist so many times before it becomes mind-numbing and pointless. So we’ve adopted the idea of Podcasts so that our minds can stay stimulated and we can actually learn something! Right now we’re listening to “Adam Ruins Everything” podcasts that are teaching us the ins and outs of public transportation. Thanks Adam, looks like we should have taken the bus around the country… In all seriousness, if you haven’t seen Adam Ruins Everything on TRU TV or YouTube then you’re missing out. It’s informative and surprisingly humorous. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

Anywho, those are our main secrets that have made our first day pretty seamless. Naturally we hit any and all traffic the western side of Washington has to offer; anyone who lives there can tell you Renton, Tacoma and Olympia are all of the hot spots that literally never catch a break. Definitely looking forward to enjoying the slow-moving vehicular flow of LA… Any bets on who kills who first? We still have 52 days left.

First game for us will be AT&T Park in San Francisco on August 7th, then to Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on the 8th. When that game ends around 10:00PM we then leisurely drive down I-5 in the dark to be able to make it to Anaheim for the Angels game at 12:30PM the very next day. Look forward to a poorly written, delirious blog post for that experience. Thanks for reading! TTYL




The CDG Experience

Written by JT

I told you guys I was sarcastic and love to poke fun at the little things that may severely irritate someone with very little patience. I have a very “whatever, it could be worse” attitude and truly look at crappy situations as (for the lack of a better example) blog material. Our travel day from Paris to Venice was VERY much that. We spent a good 6 hours traveling and it was non-stop laughter! So I’ll start from the beginning.

So the cute mini tourist that we’re happily lugging around (Chad’s 17-year old cousin, Olivia) decided it would be a good idea to bring her entire closet on our 6-day excursion to Paris which came in the form a pretty, blue, 22kg, hard case rolling bag that in no way shape or form resembled that of a Eurobackpacker (in her defense she was without a doubt more prepared than Chad and I). That being said, we had to check out of our AirBnB at 11:00AM and our flight wasn’t until 7:00PM and we really wanted to see the Catacombs. So our big idea was to lug that closet to the airport on the train, check it, and then head back to the city for a brief excursion before making our light-weighted trip back to the airport to make our flight.

Well, well, well – we did NOT do our research (lucky for you) and we found out that baggage check-in didn’t start until 3 hours prior to the flight. So there we were, sitting at the CDG Airport at 12:00PM and we couldn’t check the walk-in until 4:00PM – so we had two choices:

  1. Make our way BACK to Paris to do the Catacombs WITH our big blue friend
  2. OR wait it out at the airport

You can tell from the title of this story that it was most certainly the latter. So we sat in the main terminal for 4 hours with our Starbucks and McDonald’s and played games our on our phones while we waited for the Vueling check-in desk to open.

This is where it gets good. Of course the waiting around really wasn’t that exciting but when we made our way back to the check-in line we were greeted with a short 3-person line to check our bags. YAY! But wait, as time passed, the line got longer behind us and after about 30 minutes of being the 3rd group, our check-in associate was still MIA. Of course we’re observant and WE knew where she was; outside the door taking a smoke-break with another Vueling associate who’s line was ALSO getting long. So we laughed, because when we were supposed to check our bags starting at 4:00PM, the eternal smoke break delayed us and our line at least 45 more minutes. Finally, the Queen Clerk made her way to her throne, took her seat, booted up her machine and continued her duty as CDG’s finest.

Luckily she was fairly efficient as it only took 10-15 minutes to get through the first 2 groups ahead of us (both 4-6 member families with and endless array of luggage). When we got to the front, we checked in and gave her our luggage to check. Both Chad and Olivia received their boarding passes and began making their way to the security line and I assumed I would have an uneventful interaction with her as well. Well I approached her, gave her my Passport and my bag and prepared to snag my boarding pass and make a run for it. After she returned my documentation, she pushed the button to print the boarding pass and I KID YOU NOT she turned around, grabbed a wad of tissues, and as I was staring her down from the other side of the counter, looked me dead in the eyes and BLEW HER NOSE and THEN handed me my boarding pass.

This was not a dainty blow either – it was loud enough for Olivia to hear from across the airport and I am convinced that was the clerk’s way of giving me her version of the bird in the middle of the airport. Well I swiftly snagged the boarding pass, doused my arms in hand sanitizer and made my way to security.

One good thing CDG has going for it is definitely it’s security lines. Very quick and easy and I get to keep my shoes on #thankyoujesus.  So we made it inside the terminal no problem. Of course it’s an international terminal so there are hundreds of various characters that make their way in.

Not too bad, of course the occasional child screaming and running from their family, the heavy mouth breathing sleeper, the loud perfect blonde family that look like they should be posing for those photos that go inside picture frames before you buy them, the guy clipping his toenails and stomping them into the carpet… Wait, seriously? Yessssss, dude. The way this day was going, I’m not surprised to have seen this happening and I could do nothing but watch as he asked the cute little teenage girl next to him if he could share her charging adapter before he began his hygiene routine. Good man. At least he asked her politely.

After witnessing this, we still had a good hour before we boarded our plane so we made our way to the cute little café to get a latte to help pass the time. As we approached the counter I looked at the menu and tried to decipher what I could use as basically just an iced coffee. I was already running on fumes after our airport adventure so clearly wasn’t running on all four cylinders. I looked at the lady and asked for Noir Glace. She looked at me as though I had just cursed at her in every language imaginable and was just like, “what?” After weaving my way around the language barrier with her for a few seconds we finally came to the agreement that I would just get an iced latte. Sweet.

When we sat down I looked at the menu and the item I was ordering was The Noir Glace. After a great deal of confusion I made the realization that the “The” at the beginning of the phrase was not the English “the” but rather the French word for “tea” and noticed that not only had a butchered the language but also asked the poor girl for black ice (in one way shape or form). You’re welcome, America, for fulfilling the stereotype. I promise I’ll get better.

Service at the little café was slow, but I couldn’t really expect anything better for 3 baristas working to keep up an international terminal coffee shop. I mean, dealing with ignorant people like myself must be hard enough, just add on the language barrier. Props to those who make it work. But as I glance behind me, I see the same girl that took my order begin to take the order of a gentleman a few spots behind me in line. She politely takes his order and then immediately turns around, whips her phone out and proceeds to text in the back room BEFORE letting the customer pay. She was probably having a rough day but I had to laugh at the awkward encounter we had just witnessed.

Well the rest of the hour went smoothly after waiting in another long line to board a bus that would take us across the tarmac to our plane. But just to top it all off, I got to unwind with a nice glass of wine just to spill the whole damn thing all over myself halfway through the flight. Just add it to the list.

Regardless it was nothing if not an eventful day at the CDG airport. Good laughs and blog material. I promise there was more to this trip than this but I had to share. Now I’m back in the CDG airport waiting for my delayed flight to get me back to North America. Fingers crossed. Long story short, I don’t think the Paris airport and myself are going to become close friends anytime soon.

Au revoir!



Tourists in Paris

written by JT

Okay so the way this was supposed to work was that we were going to do things out of the ordinary and find obscure places to visit and shoot. Well we’re in Paris for the first time so you’re going to have to bear with us. In the last 36 hours we’ve walked 20 miles and seen basically every tourist attraction in Paris. Now don’t get me wrong, this place is MAJESTIC. But Paris is the most popular city I the world to visit for tourists and why not The architecture is spectacular and since Paris is really only 41 square miles which is like 2/3 the size of Washington DC so in reality it’s not that big.

But let’s take a second to realize how many places there are to see in this very small amount of space. Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Versailles, the Pantheon, Moulin Rouge, what feels like a million museums and yes, of course, Disneyland Paris.I’m exaggerating but it can definitely get overwhelming (thank goodness the wine is SERIOUSLY cheaper than water). Over the last 48 hours, Wikipedia has been our best friend. And by this I mean I’m looking around like the basic tourist I am while Chad hovers behind me with his eyes glued to his phone checking out every interesting fact about every place we visit here. If you ever wonder who is the creative mind and who is the logical mind, just follow us for like 45 minutes in a place we’ve never been and you’ll be able figure that out really quickly. I basically just wait until Chad begins to recite what he’s recently read and that’s how I get my information. My little audioencylopedia!

The French have been extremely nice and welcoming. Most people speak English here and they are always very helpful. The only time that I had any issue was when I was trying to buy wine and I didn’t have exact change. The girl behind that counter rolled her eyes in a way I’ve only seen in Lindsey Lohan movies and proceeded to short change me. From what I hear, not having exact change is a no-no in Paris so I smiled and walked out with my Rose.

It’s a very judgmental culture here in Paris – which in reality is pretty refreshing because I walk out of the door knowing I’ll be judged so my inhibitions basically stay in our AirBnb anyways. Like, really, the chairs in the cafes in Paris are oriented in a way that they face the street because of the biggest past times in Paris is people watching… and we thought we were judgey in America, the French are so good at it that they’ve made it an outright hobby.

You gotta respect the utilization of their national talent, though.

Regardless, it’s 5:45AM here and I figured I should write something to fuel content. It’s an incredibly beautiful spot and I’m still getting used to this blogging thing. I’ll try and get Chad to write one soon. Thanks for following along I promise things will get more substantial!

We’re going to Disneyland in 4 hours so that should provide some stories 😉 Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Au revoir!


We Out

written by JT

Ok let’s be real… moving out of any domicile just plain sucks.

Moving out of our 68 year old apartment complex was no exception. From using apps to sell random furniture and electronics to physically playing a game of life sized Tetris through a 3 foot corner staircase with a 4 foot wide couch – it was work and made us realize we ain’t doing that again any time soon.

So it begins, with Chad OFFICIALLY out of the Navy after being honorably discharged for 5 years of service (thank you, sir) we can start doing what we’ve set out to do. First trip is Paris and Venice for a few days to celebrate Chad’s cousin’s graduation from high school (congrats, Olivia!). After this post you can expect more complete and consistent dialogue from myself and Chad – you’re welcome.

But first, I want to highlight what it was like getting here. The cycle was as follows:

  1. JT works and Chad works during the week. We sit after work and plan our trips.
  2. When the weekend comes, we got bored and would cross some sort of border (state, domestic, international, you name it)
  3. Come home and move and sell some stuff and then do it all over again

Pretty menial and redundant which is why it’s SUCH a relief to be writing this blog while drinking a Merlot in the international terminal in the Seattle-Tacoma airport.

  1. Our local destinations included:
    1. Oregon coastline | it’s official, we’re beach people – even in the PNW.
    2. the Walla Walla Valley |if you haven’t been, great wine and great people.
    3. the Wenatchee National Forest | we shared a hammock in the middle of a forest an low and behold found out that our idea of camping is a Motel 6 (thankfully)
    4. The Palouse (way Eastern Washington)| I went to Washington State University, #GoCougs!
    5. British Columbia, Canada | Yea, we’ll hike… It’ll hurt, but we’ll hike.

If there’s a blog post associated with one of the destinations, click on them to enjoy our expedition! I must warn you, I’m a sarcastic son of a gun that enjoys a heavily mixture of realism and optimism. I like to think it’s a part of my charm.

Until next time! See you in PARIS!!!

XOXO don’t f**k with me



The Palouse

Instagram Palouse Falls
The Palouse Falls

One of the things that we are becoming increasingly aware of as we’re just getting up an running is that we are learning different things at a rapid pace.

Because we’re sort of limited by our location, time and Chad being in the Navy – we’re “confined” by the Pacific Northwest and how big of a loop we can drive in a matter of a few days in a weekend. This weekend we planned on leaving Saturday, early afternoon and heading east over the Cascades toward Idaho.

Well… over the course of the last few weeks, we’ve learned you have to be flexible, especially when something goes wrong, and take it as a sign that there might be something better in store. On Friday, we planned on heading to the Brad Paisley concert in south Seattle. We pounded through rush hour traffic and made our way to the depths of the Seattle “boonies” if you will. When we parked we walked about 10 minutes from the parking lot to the entrance of the amphitheater and not so subtly joked “I bet it takes us longer to get from our car to the concert than we spend inside” haha

Have you ever seen the T-Mobile commercial where the main guy gets excited about his music festival and because of his “poor service” gets left behind by his seemingly egotistical friends while awkwardly standing in line while some girl claims “mine works!” just to push the point across just a little bit more? We lived it and luckily we didn’t have any friends to worry about. So as the 10 minute joke came to life, we walked slowly back to the car watching a beautiful hot air balloon gracefully glide through the air above us. That’s right – add it to the bucket list.

As we drove the hour drive back to our apartment, frantically trying to figure out how to salvage the evening, we were having very little luck developing and executing any sort of plan that didn’t involve binge drinking or melting in our top-floor, air-conditionless carpeted apartment. At about 9:30PM we decided to pack our bags in a matter of minutes and bolt east. About 90 minutes later, we landed at a Motel 6 in the center of the state in an minimalist, air-conditioned room. Being just a little bit closer to our destination took a weight off.

On Saturday, we woke up and sluggishly made our way to breakfast at a quaint little Perkin’s in Ellensburg. Pretty routine and easy. Next on the list was driving north about 80 miles to Wenatchee, the “Apple Capital of the World” to see an old friend. Wenatchee is semi-flourishing city in eastern Washington that sits on a small spit of the Columbia River. We spent about 2 hours in Wenatchee catching up with our friend and being underwhelmed by another city in the state. Next up – off to JT’s heartland and college town of Pullman, Washington. Located on the very eastern edge of the state of Washington, Pullman is home to Washington State University, home of the Cougars where JT did graduate in 2015.

Once again, underwhelming because not only was it summer but it was a holiday weekend which means we saw a total of about 7 students and 3 Pullman residents. But it did give JT the opportunity to show Chad around with little to no distractions and have dinner and beers at a local bar before turning in to Moscow, Idaho (home of the University of Idaho just 8 miles east of Pullman) for the evening. Consider it a travel day… but make no mistake we will be back to Pullman to experience everything this campus and student body has to offer. Go Cougs!

The all-around purpose of the this trip, however, was to make our way to one of the most beautiful hidden gems in the state. The Palouse Falls which is conveniently located 15 miles North of Starbuck, Washington. We were disappointed to her that no, there is no Starbucks located in the poorly named city in the state of which the company was founded (yes, we’re aware that the city was probably named after a fictional character in the acclaimed novel, Moby Dick… but still – come on, not even a drive-up stand?)

But we digress. Probably the biggest bucket list item on Chad’s list of places to visit is the Palouse Falls. As you can see in the photos, the nearly 200 foot tall waterfall splashes into a small pool about 2 miles up a spit off of the snake river. The state of Washington is so much more than the majestic Mount Rainier and the glimmering skyline of Seattle.

Nearly 220 ft atop the Palouse Falls

Farther east, there sits booming agriculture and winding rivers. All one has to do is explore a bit to find these places. The Palouse Falls are a prime example of the less traveled beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

So as we took photos from far away, it was easy to see the majesty of this natural structure, but one of the things that we are learning is that there is always a way to get closer. So we walked up a cliff, down a steep ravine and on the side of the river that lead up to the waterfall. About an hour later, we found ourselves at the very top of the falls, able to look not only down but out to the canyon created by the river. Again, though a smaller adventure, it fed our wanderlust and hit us just a little more that these sorts of trips and views are what make us happy.


Snake River
The Snake River from atop the Palouse Falls


We highly encourage anyone who find themselves struggling to find things to do, to hop in the car and make their way to the Palouse Falls and witness the beauty that Eastern Washington has to offer. It’ll be worth it we promise. Next stop – Walla Walla, Washington for some wine tasting and then headed home to enjoy independence day with friends and JT’s parents on Lake Washington!


Be Bold. Be Intrepid!


The Notice

It’s official. Notice has been given to vacate the apartment where all of our adventures have begun to come to fruition. The generation of ideas and wanderlust will not die in Seattle, better the beautiful landscapes and skylines of Washington and the Pacific Northwest will always serve as the origination of our adventure. Sometimes we think “what the hell are we doing” or “how are we going to pull this off?” and we get overwhelmed by the plans we’re making, even WE get lost in how much we’ve thrown on to the calendar. So let’s put it on paper, shall we?

(locations and dates are not permanent and are subject to change, but that doesn’t mean the adventure is going to be any less awesome).


July 18th – July 27th | Quick trip to Paris and Venice

August 5th – September 24th | The Baseball Roadtrip

September 26th – October 7th | Munich for Oktoberfest

October 8th – December 7th | Iceland, Spain, Italy, and Portugal + etc.

December 8th – December 15th | St. Maarten

December 17th – December 24th | Caribbean Cruise

December 25th – January 1st | Home for the Holidays

2018 | We’ll have to wait and see


And now we pack. Sell all of our stuff. Chad’s got his storage unit and I have basically all of the furniture in the apartment. Hard hit of reality when things start to vacate the unit and it becomes more and more empty over the next 30 days. Chad being in the Navy is going to be of help, thank God. JT’s going to have a little bit tougher of time adjusting. Sedentary in Seattle for the last 16 years doesn’t exactly offer much help when it comes to living the life as a vagabond.

Regardless, keep checking for photos of our small weekend trips. This weekend will be the Oregon Coast with a couple of close friends. When waiting for the big time to come, it’s the small things that are going to be the most important.

Be bold, be intrepid!