SunTrust Park

If I was 8 years old I would be the biggest Braves fan EVER. You know what, come to think of it, if I had loads of money and lived in the Atlanta metropolitan area, I would be a Braves season ticket holder in a heart beat. 2017 is Suntrust Park’s inaugural year and it failed to disappoint. Up there with Chase Field, there seemed to be something for all types of fans that entered the field. Families, singles, retirees – you name it, they’ve taken them into consideration and made sure you would be comfortable at this field.

Singles: It seems as thought the area of Cumberland, GA (which actually is where Suntrust Park is located) was built FOR this new ballpark. The surrounding area of the ballpark was like a little city, brand new, with all of the bells and whistle for those who might not even be going to the game! There were wide streets lined with bars and restaurants where you could grab a beer or three and a meal before the game. There was also a really cool lawn area where they were playing games and promoting with the local radio station. Definitely a poppin’ place to be on gameday, especially for twenty-somethings looking to mingle.

Families: Ever seen the movieĀ The Sandlot? If you’re reading this post my assumption is that you probably have. Well Suntrust Park has a section on the concourse named after the iconic baseball movie and it is exploding with fun and engaging activities for families. I’m talking a rock climbing wall, zipline, arcade games, face painting, and batting cage, you name it! Of course there was a cost for each of these activities but if you’re down to spend the money and give your kid the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the culture of a Braves game, this is definitely the place to be. The area was filled with families all smiling and having a whale of a time. That’s something you absolutely want to see when you’re walking the concourse of a baseball stadium.

Empty Nesters: I always loved this term because I truly believe these people have the most fun. Not only can these people truly experience the convenience of the overpriced parking next to the ballpark, but they can also REALLY appreciate the restaurants lined throughout the streets of the right field gate. So many different and fun hot spots to grab a drink and pre-game meal. One could really make a day out of a Braves games (which I’m sure is exactly what they wanted). Once you get into the stadium, of course the baseball field itself is beautiful and for many people that’s good enough reason to stick around. But for those who are little less than enthused about the product on the field, there are more food and beer options around the concourse. But there is one more hidden gem for those who want to escape the humidity of the deep south. Up in the tip top corner of the stadium (I’m talking the top concourse in the far right field corner!) is a hip and funky bar space with, dare I say it, AIR CONDITIONING! Oh, and a selfie station for those who want to document the experience – which of course Chad and I did.

As much fun as this place was to be, it definitely was not cost effective. Of course, what else can you expect from a brand new ballpark. Parking was pretty minimal and fell around the $25 range on average. So Chad I Ubered from a nearby mall and even that wasn’t very effective. As expected, Uber hikes up their prices around the stadium during and after the game so even though we enjoyed our rides with Angelique and Phil, I would recommend either biting the bullet for parking – it’ll actually save you time and possibly even money. This was such a fun ballpark with so much to see on every level for nearly every type of fan. From the moment you park your car, to the moment you’re on your way home, it’s a constant blast, just be prepared to shell out a few big ones!

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