Globe Life Park

Stop. Hold on. Wait. WHY DO PEOPLE GO TO TEXAS RANGERS GAMES? I hate to admit this but we were only at the ballpark for about an hour before we had to bolt. The ballpark itself, yes, is pretty cool. But oh my god it’s friggen HOT. Plus it had rained the evening before so the humidity just added to the heat. Let’s hope that new ballpark will take hint from Chase Field and add an A/C system for its fans.

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The Heat: So I (JT) was actually born in the city of Arlington, Texas where both the Texas Rangers and (ironically) Dallas Cowboys’ stadiums reside. I’ve always thought that I was pretty tough when it came to heat but this trip has proven me wrong. I’ve gone soft. Whether it’s sleeping, walking, standing, or sitting in heat – my head and face just drenches in sweat and it’s so uncomfortable and quite unsightly. Ever seen the episode of Friends where the guys try to control the “T Zone”? I promise you it’s a real thing and I suffer from it quite severely. So it came as no surprise that it was a very uncomfortable visit during a cloudy day in August. For the sake of the fans, I beg of designers of the “state of the art” ballpark to be opened in 2021 to have an air conditioning system. It’s obviously working for the Diamondbacks.

Food of the Future: Though not necessarily proud of this trait, Chad and I will definitely admit that we fall under the millennial stereotype in that we would much rather use kiosks than talk to a person when ordering food, pumping gas, etc. So it came as a very happy surprise that the “The Short Stop” food concession stand has kiosks for ordering food! You just walk up, choose something to order, pay with your credit card and then waltz on over to the window to the right and pick up your order! We as fans are happy, it’s quick in regards to ordering, the staff members at the concession stand have to deal less with the annoying and sweaty Mariners fans meandering through the ballpark – it’s a win-win for everyone! Nice touch and I look forward to seeing what the Rangers do to go even further with this idea at the new ballpark!

Brick and Mortar: The architecture and design of this ballpark was stunning. The old timey brick and arches incorporated a the tradition of the old south and of baseball. The insane amount of Texas flags flown literally EVERYWHERE in and out of the ballpark portrayed the undying pride Texans have of their state. And the red, white and blue banners everywhere of course exuded a sense of nationalism. I will say that the addition of suites in center field was a nice touch because I am sure that businessman using Globe Life Park as a business tool would probably pay extra money to have their clients and/or employees in an air conditioned suite as opposed to sweating in business casual attire in their seats outside. And they add a little bit of fancy to the ballpark.

Thought hot, the ballpark truly is beautiful. Not much to really do here but sweat and watch baseball, but the concourses are wide and the beer was only $6. Now we get to drive from Dallas to Miami to officially be the farthest we will be from where we started before we make our way up the coast to the Northeast. Looking forward to the ballparks only being 2 hours apart as opposed to 12! Though in Florida I see more sweating in the foreseeable future. Pray for us.

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