Chase Field

Both Chad and I agree that Chase Field is our favorite so far. Not surprising as millennials because there are shiny things everywhere and the entire ballpark is air conditioned – even when the roof is open! I’m not sure how many die-hard D-backs fans there are, but I can’t imagine Chase Field drawing many fans without that feature. Regardless, I’m extremely impressed with the way the Diamondbacks and Chase Field have taken advantage and allocated their resources and it made for a very enjoyable ballpark experience.


Grand Entrance: You know the old saying, “don’tjudge a book by its cover?” Well, I have found that to be completely untrue so far about baseball stadiums. To me it’s amazing that you can tell so much about the stadium (and the team’s fanbase) just by walking up to and around the outside of the ballpark. For example, walking up to the main entrance of Chase Field, we were greeted by water misters and a ton of people entering the stadium after pre-gaming the game at the bar right across the alley way. Clearly, it’s hot in Phoenix so good touch by the D-backs and people in Phoenix love to party! After you enter through security you walk through a grand entrance with concrete pillars and hotelesque lobby that lead to a glass entry that you would typically find at a mall or storefront. When you enter through the glass doors you are smacked in the face with the best thing in Arizona; air conditioning.

Baseball is America’s pastime; which means there is over a century of traditional values to uphold, but that doesn’t mean we can’t adapt. I’m a huge fan of someone finding a barrier in the market and then coming up with a solution to break through it. The Diamondbacks saw the Arizona heat as a barrier that was keeping fans from coming to games and even though it’s probably pretty costly, the decision to put a roof and air condition the stadium has probably turned out to be a profitable decision for the organization.

Foodie Paradise: Ok, now we as fans are in the door and comfortable, now why are we going to stay? I would probably guess that after seeing the people that were coming into the stadium and the atmosphere of Phoenix itself that the Diamondbacks as a baseball team are not enough to keep people in the stadium for a solid 9 innings. If you look around the stadium there are restaurants and franchised concessions everywhere. From Coldstone to TGI Fridays, people were constantly flooding the concourse for the dozens of food and beverage options. Take a lesson, Oakland – you don’t have a solid team or air-conditioning! #shotsfired

But that’s not all! The Diamondbacks took a lesson from McDonald’s and even had a VALUE MENU. You could get a corn dog or hot dog for $2 and a 12 oz beer for $4 all game long. On one end of the spectrum you have this cheap option and on the other end you’ve got the things like the Chicken Enchilada Dog, the Bacon Mac n’ Cheesy, the Funnel Cake Chicken Sandwich, Sonoran Veggie Burger and the Churro Dog 2.0! I mean some seriously creative and expensive food items that will be bought by the those with a mean stomach, massive appetite, and some money to spend. Chad and I decided to indulge in the Churro Dog. This thing is pure sugar… A churro wrapped in a donut topped with frozen yogurt, crushed Oreos and whipped cream. I gained 5 pounds just looking at the thing but yes, it was worth it. Even though the Diamondbacks lost, the majority the fans stayed through the game, hunger satisfied and thirst quenched.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!: Even though Chase Field has changed the game in regards to the food and atmosphere inside the stadium, they’ve kept one thing that I thought was totally cool. They have a badass organ player in center field! Granted the organ is a keyboard, but he’s there and has been the official organist of the Diamondbacks since the stadium opened in 1998! He plays the random melodies that typically play throughout a baseball game and of course, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch. No surprise here, but Bobby Feeman never stopped smiling.

Dodgerland: For anyone who knows about baseball, the Dodgers are good. The best actually and have one of the biggest followings in Major League Baseball. So much so, that when we went to the Diamondbacks game and walked around the concourse, we couldn’t tell what team had done something right because the cheers and jeers were equal in sound level. I distinctly remember seeing one section that almost looked like an internment camp for Dodger fans, as if the Diamondbacks had done it on purpose, because it was just a sea of blue. They, coincidentally, were the fans that always seemed to have a beer in their hand. Go Dodgers!


Chase Field was an absolute blast to visit. It kept us engaged and cool (thank goodness) and there was always something to do there. The game was high scoring and between two of the top teams in the league and the fans just wouldn’t leave. The atmosphere was electric and the Diamondbacks also did a very good job of portraying their players and history throughout the ballpark, including their World Series championship in 2001. I must say that if I lived in Phoenix, I would find myself at Chase Field multiple times a month (maybe even a season ticket holder!). The Diamondbacks were also named the #1 Place to Work in Arizona and that comes as no surprise to me after seeing the friendly staff and fun loving fans at Chase.

Thank you also to our friends Rachel, Ethan, Hayley and Ben for treating us to the game and enjoying the game with us! Love you guys!

Off to Texas for the Rangers before our east coast tour! I’m already sweating just thinking about it.

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