AT&T Park

There’s no surprise that AT&T Park has one of the highest attendance ratings in all of Major League Baseball. From the location on the bay to the concession designs on the inside. As a stadium the Giants did it right.

DSC_0031Even though the Giants have one of the worst records in the league, both Cubs and Giants fans alike showed up to cheer on their respective teams. Sea of blue, white, orange, black, red and of course the occasional teal (you’re welcome Mariners fans). Of course every stadium has some downside but AT&T had very little to complain about. Regardless, here’s how our night went.

See those kayakers? In the case of a home run over the right field wall, they’re ready to gobble up the souvenir for a killer story.

Metallica Night: Ok, seriously, you would have thought we had done that on purpose. For a Monday night game, what an awesome marketing ploy to have some random game in the middle of August be Metallica Night. Even though the marketing team for the Giants doesn’t have to work all that hard to get fans in the door, I give major props to them for continuing what seems to be a successful event at AT&T (5th annual Metallica Night). Nice surprise to hear guitarists James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett nail the national anthem and witness Lars Ulrich fire in the ceremonial first pitch. Nice start to the trip for sure.

Flaunt It if you Got It: Quite a nice surprise to see not one, not two, but THREE World Series trophies proudly displayed in the middle of the concourse in addition to their three World Series Rings. Must have been nice for Giants and Cubs fans alike to take proud photos in front of their teams’ accomplishments as a lowly Mariners supporter looks on with a weird sense of envy and disdain. As a baseball fan, however, witnessing this piece of history for the first time was a pretty cool experience. Nice of the Giants to keep those trophies in the main concourse so their biggest fans can enjoy them as well.


Must be nice, Giants fans.


Million Dollar Beer: Well, I guess even the ballpark in San Francisco has to live up to the standard of living in the west bay. $14 for a draft beer and a full month’s worth of top ramen for chicken fingers and fries. I can’t say I’m entirely surprised – I mean with the average income of a San Francisco household in the six figures, I guess you can pull that off. To each his own I guess, but needless to say we remained sober for the entirety of our visit.


Inside-the-Parker: I am personally a bit of a believer in signs and signals so any sort of positive of negative sign can have a huge impact on what decision I make and how likely I am to commit to it. For me, the sign came in the first inning when a Cubs player clobbered a ball to Levi’s Landing in right-center field and it hopped off the wall in a manner that allowed him to sprint his way 360 feet around the bases for a rare inside-the-park home run. This was an indicator that if I can witness this kind of feat this early in the trip, there will be much, much more to come! So we shall press on!


That’s a lot of blue after a Cubs inside-the-park homerun!


The “Cubby Cup”: The first inning was nothing if not eventful. As Chad and I were making our way around the concourse during the bottom of the first inning I felt a weird tickle on my butt. I thought it was my bag hanging a little too low at first but then it happened again with a little more force. As I spun around to see what the heck was going on back there I came face to face with a girl (about my age) decked in Cubs gear, beat red as if she had been caught grabbing some random guy’s butt. Oh wait… Her and her friend bolted ahead as I tried to determine if she had been trying to pickpocket me or had some ulterior motive. Nope – my phone was in my hand and wallet in my front pocket. Ah well, gotta appreciate a girl that goes for what she wants.


Oh look, fans!


Aside from the events that happened, AT&T Park was everything I would have expected. Picturesque landscape and charismatic features. The brick walls embody the strength that are not only the ballpark and baseball team that calls it home, but the city in which it resides. Not only that, but the companies that have partnered with the team (AT&T, CocaCola, Levi’s, etc.) prove that San Francisco and the Giants are forces to be reckoned with. There was a feeling of substance from the moment you walked in the building. Very well done, San Francisco.


Not many ballparks have a beautiful view like this. Bay Bridge all lit up was quite the sight. 



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