Angel Stadium

I mean really, heading to Anaheim directly after Oakland made this stadium look like a dream. In all honesty, there’s not really much in Anaheim except for the Ducks, Angels and Disneyland (not much else I guess). But Anaheim is a good 50 square miles in geographical area, so it’s pretty huge anyways. You can’t even see Disneyland or any other metropolitan areas when you look out from the upper concourse. Lots of cars and the Honda Arena. But, they have palm trees, big hats and of course, Mike Trout.

Mike Trout Ballpark: The kid’s a stud. I actually used to help run the Los Angeles Angels Spring Training stadium in Tempe the year after he won his first AL MVP Award and the people of Anaheim adore this kid. Being from Seattle and wanting so bad to dislike Mike Trout, it’s impossible. He’s a class act with a great family and a killer baseball player. So it’s no surprise that his All-American smile is plastered all around Angel Stadium. My favorite is “Trout Farm” which is a little section in the corner of the 100 level where people purchase tickets and either receive an complimentary hat or shirt for sitting in that section. Of course, I walked over to check it out and it was indeed packed and nearly sold out with avid Trout Farmers! Anyways, it’s very rare to find (or notice) photos of any other player on the team anywhere else in the stadium (although I’m sure they’re there somewhere). We’ll see how long it takes for the stadium to change it’s name to¬†Trout Field. My guess is by 2035.

Camp Day: For me, kids are like sweets and carbs – I love them, in moderation. That’s why places like Disneyland, Disney World and malls during Christmas time are a little tough. Seriously, why bring a two year old in a stroller to Disneyland? It’s exhausting, it’s expensive, you wait in like 75 minutes to ride the Dumbo ride because indeed they’re not that tall to ride that ride and after all of that, your child won’t even remember being there! But I digress. Lucky for Chad and I, we chose to visit Angels stadium the same day every summer camp in Orange County decided to bring all of their kids to enjoy a day at the ballpark! I felt for those camp counselors because more kids were in lines for food, merchandise and the restrooms than were actually in their seat. I’m pretty sure we “accidentally” knocked 4 or 5 of them down while weaving through the concourse to get to our seats. I can still hear their screams begging Mike Trout to throw them a baseball.

Giant Hats: I loved these! I’m huge on creative architecture and design, which is why I thoroughly enjoy visiting ballparks, because the designers and engineers have the opportunity to do so much for the team and city in which it resides. The Angels not only had the big A with the halo but also giant Angels hats at the home plate entrance that offer shade to several vendors and hundreds of fans. Such a fun way to enter the ballpark and a creative and whimsical way to add shade in one of the notoriously warmest areas in the United States.

Angel Stadium was a cool ballpark. Nothing insanely special, but obviously the fountain in the batters eye, the palm trees and the big hats make the stadium a cool place to visit. The atmosphere felt a bit crowded and loud, but what else is new in Orange County, right? I fear the day when Mike Trout bolts LA for New York (sorry, Angels fans) because that’s a lot of money that will be spent on rebranding. Regardless, it was an enjoyable stadium to visit and currently sits second behind AT&T and in front of the Coliseum on our ballpark visit. Off to Phoenix to see the Diamondbacks and Chase Field while we start our trek horizontally across the country!

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