About Us



Like many of you out there, I came from a fairly normal family. I grew up in a small town in central Michigan. I graduated with 42 other students, and went to college just like everyone else that I knew did. During my sophomore year I realized that I didn’t want to finish my degree, get a nice secure job, and settle down with a spouse in a quaint country house. That was what was expected of me, and I had always done exactly what had been expected of me my entire life. So I decided to throw caution to the wind and take a chance. I had no idea what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life, but at 20 years old, I figured I could find out along the way.

The next day I emailed a Navy recruiter and eventually decided to join up. A few short months later I was on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Persian Gulf launching fighter jets off the flight deck. It was exhilarating and it was hard work, but it provided me with an opportunity to see a part of the world I had never experienced before. It ignited in me a sense of wanderlust. I finally realized what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. TRAVEL. The Navy was too constrained with its hours and schedules, so I would have to find a different way.

Eventually I discovered that traveling was actually a lot more cost effective than most people believe. JT and I started this website because we want to show people how easy it is to experience everything there is out there. You were blessed with the gift of life and there shouldn’t be a day that goes by where you are suffering through something in hopes that one day it will get better. I hear it all the time, “I just can’t wait until I retire” or “I need a vacation so bad”. Its disheartening and my goal is to help as many of you realize that there is no better time to travel than the present.


I was driven by my #blessed suburban upbringing in Sammamish, Washington. As an only child I wanted for nothing. I have the most caring parents and a strong support system. I breezed my way through high school, played it safe and went to my state school with half of my graduating class, picked an easy major that made me lots of friends and gave me lots of opportunities to network. After college, I got the dream internship at Spring Training in Arizona and then worked for my dream organization selling season tickets for the Seattle Mariners – both making very little money. I was doing what everyone expected of me and I was constantly praised for working hard to “accomplish my dreams” – or what I thought were my dreams.

I then worked and lived in Mercer Island, Washington as a leasing consultant because I realized that I didn’t have the patience to stick it out in the sporting industry. Mercer Island is a quaint, quiet suburb of Seattle where those who pay one million for a house is normal. Make no mistake, I got a huge discount for my place and my commute was 45 seconds. I lived with one of my best friends, Kimber (who I’m sure you’ll see frequently), and I made more money than I did before. It was great, but I soon got bored.

One cold night in November (and pay close attention because this is where everything changed), I looked at Kimber after a tough day at work for both of us and was like, “want to go to Europe?” Kimber and I both shared a dream of traveling to Europe in our twenties so the idea didn’t come out of no where. But after a glass (or two) of my two buck Chuck merlot, I grabbed my computer and my credit card and on a whim, bought two one way tickets for us to ICELAND. Random, but it was cheap and it swung the door open.

A few months later, I met Chad and we shared that same wanderlust and desire to see the world. He bought his ticket to Iceland to join Kimber and I we haven’t looked back. This website is a tool for inspiration for those who share what Chad and I do. We’re here to show the world that those people who aren’t destined to run a Fortune 500 company can still live the dream. We’re just going to run with it and see where the world takes us. We’re hoping it’s everywhere.