Roadtrippin’ – Redwood Trees and the Walmart Parking Lot

written by Chad

Day 3/53 | 430 miles today/960 miles total | Morgan Hill, CA

So this morning JT woke me up at 8am… anyone that knows me can guess how pleased I was with that. As comfortable as a mostly deflated air mattress in the back of a Subaru on the side of some back road is, I still would have rather remained asleep for a few more hours. JT had other things on his mind though, mostly getting to the gym so that he could get in a good workout before our 7 hour drive to San Jose. So, JT hopped in the drivers seat and off we went while I tried to sleep in the passenger seat.

A few minutes later we drove past a diner and I demanded we pull in for some coffee and breakfast, mostly because they had a pet emu in a pen out front. I mean how often do you get to have coffee with an Emu (unless you’re in Australia I guess)? We ordered our food and I gulped down my liquid energy (coffee), without which I will remain cranky all day. The food was average and the coffee did its job, and after paying our bill we were off to drive through a tree.

Ten minutes later we arrived at the Klamath Tour Thru Tree. Driving thru a giant redwood has actually always been one of my bucket list items, and there are only 3 trees left in CA where you can do this. The other two trees are a little smaller, so my Subaru with a Yakima Skybox on top wouldn’t fit. So if you’re not driving a sedan and you want to drive through a tree make sure you make your way out to Klamath. It only costs $5, and we went through it twice, once for the experience and once for the photos. If you are ever in the area it is worth the visit, and there was no line so that was a pleasant surprise.

After getting my fill of the Giant Redwoods we were off to San Jose to have dinner with our friends, Nick, Courtney and Courney’s family. They were making ribs and we had a seven hour drive to get there, but first we had to stop at the gym for our daily routine. After an hour and a half of gym and showering time we hit the road and made it to San Jose. Traffic wasn’t bad at all, but we made the best of the drive listening to Podcasts, my new favorite pastime. I discovered this new series by NPR titled “How I Built This”. Each podcast does an interview with a famous entrepreneur about how they built their empire. As an aspiring entrepreneur myself, I have become a bit enamored with their stories. Listen to it if you want to know how things like Instagram and Airbnb went from ideas with no support to the success stories they are today.

Well after several Podcasts and a few power naps later we arrived at Courtney’s parents house for dinner. I had never met her family, but they were awesome! They are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and it wasn’t long into the night until we insisted they visit us when we establish a home base (wherever that may be) . As it got later we had to decide where to sleep, a constant chore that I have grown tired of quickly. We settled on a Walmart parking lot, since so many road trip blogs recommend it.

When we got to Walmart we chose a space in the far corner away from everything, but I still didn’t want people to look at me while I was sleeping if they did pass by, so JT had an idea. We bought a king sized black sheet and cut it up. Then we stuck it up in all the doors so that no one could see anything. It worked and I slept semi-well that night. I think I have finally decided that I need to sleep in the middle of nowhere. I get really anxious when people walk around the car or drive near it, so I can never sleep very well in those type of settings.

Funny enough, Courtney and Nick decided to visit the Walmart we were sleeping at the next morning and sent us a snap of them driving by us. Good news, you couldn’t see in the car so mission accomplished I guess!

One Reply to “Roadtrippin’ – Redwood Trees and the Walmart Parking Lot”

  1. I love the ‘How I Built This’ podcasts! But as you mom – I am not happy with you sleeping in a parking lot!

    Please be safe, boys, and make good decisions!

    Love you both!



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