Roadtrippin’ – Keystone Light and Adult Diapers

Day 2/53 |  290 miles today/530 miles total | Crescent City, CA

One of the nicest things about leaving earlier than we anticipated was that we didn’t feel we needed to rush anything to get to San Francisco for game #1. So we decided to take a leisurely detour to the 101 as opposed to straight shooting down I-5 to the bay. This has paid off to be both a blessing and a curse (sort of). Not a lot happened today but a couple of things we can highlight.

I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of Grants Pass, Oregon? Probably not many of you. Regardless, we stopped in Grants Pass to run a few errands, which included an always eventful trip to Walmart where we encountered a lady in line for self checkout in her motorized scooter with nothing but Keystone Light and adult diapers – clearly down to party. Seriously, if you don’t walk out of Walmart with at least one story, you did it wrong or you weren’t actually in a Walmart.

That being said, we had seen a few Dutch Bros Coffee stands scattered around southern Washington and Oregon during our trip. I’ve always loved Dutch Bros, ever since my college days at Washington State and Chad has started to develop a liking for them as well. Chad, being the knowledge seeker that he is, asked me if I knew where Dutch Bros was founded and me (being the kind of person that will spurt out some BS answer without actually knowing the correct one) told him I thought it was somewhere in Idaho. I whipped out my phone and Wiki’d the answer and low and behold, Dutch Bros did not start in Idaho, but ironically was founded in none other than Grants Pass, Oregon! I thought the coincidence was too good not to share. We bought our Kicker and Carmelizer and scurried on our way to the California border.

We zigzagged through the Redwood National Park for a couple of hours, amazed by the size and girth of these giant woody trees with the thought we were going to drive through all the way to Eureka, California. I’m going to be frank, Chad and I are equally enamored by big shiny things; so when we hit a little town called Crescent City, we were greeted by a big, shiny Ferris wheel! Lord help me. We caught Crescent City during the famous Del Norte Fair. So we pulled up to the beach front to have ourselves our dinner of meat, cheese and bread with the intention of going to enjoy the last couple of hours of the fair. Much to our chagrin, we strolled up to the nice lady texting at the ticket booth and was informed that it probably wasn’t worth paying for a ticket because in 15 minutes anyone could walk in for free and that the fair would be closing in an hour and 15 minutes.

So we decided to forgo the event and headed to the local theater and saw Charleze Theron kick ass at Atomic Blonde.

After the movie we decided to try sleeping in the car in parking lot of the Safeway next door. After a couple of minutes of hearing random people walk and drive by, Chad made his way to the front seat and drove us to the middle of the Redwood Forest where we crashed for a “restful” evening. I hope you enjoyed my attempt at intensifying a pretty routine day of travel. Until tomorrow!



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