Roadtrippin’ – The Deets

Written by JT

Day 1/53 | 240 miles today/240 miles total | Albany, OR

So we officially started our seemingly endless road trip yesterday and as we continue to maneuver our way through Oregon, we’ve figured out that we’ve done MANY things right so far. Make no mistake I’m sure that we’re going to run into some blips and I will be sure to share those with you (regretfully). But we’re feeling confident so far so I wanted to let you know what we’re pretty excited about.

Happy Skin: It all started with Chad falling in love with his aesthetician the other day. Beautiful girl with incredible skin and she was kind enough to answer the questions that Chad drilled her with. That being said, Chad has a backup plan and we have a new skin care regimen that has already proven results. Thumbs up to aging backwards! (BTW, drink lots of water and tanning beds apparently aren’t that bad for you as long as you wear sunscreen… also sulfates are bad).

Closet On Top: So we stopped in Portland (no sales tax, YAY) to make our first big investment for the trip. This came in the form of a 16 cubic foot Yakima Skybox that will conveniently sit atop the Outback and serve as our storage unit. Not entirely groundbreaking but we’ve separated our clothes into different bags (shorts, shirts, shoes, underwear, socks, etc) and this almost serves as different drawers. PLUS we bought an 88 cent mesh laundry bag for our dirty clothes so that can sit up there too without causing a buildup of “boyfunk” in the cabin of the vehicle (props to Mama Cook for coining the term boyfunk to describe the sensation that happens when a group of teenage boys hang out in a small space overnight while their pubescent odors create an invisible smog that everyone but the boys that create it can smell). Definitely an organized nightmare saver.

Wellness: With a road trip as long as this one is, one thing we did NOT want to do is stay in a hotel every night. Luckily, we are fortunate to stay with friends and family in places like Phoenix, Texas, Florida, Detroit and Atlanta but for the rest of the places we’ll plan on “roughing it” by posting up in the back of the car. We’ve done it during some of our various trips and it’s not the MOST fun but it beats the hell out of paying $100 bucks for a hotel every night. Now, that being said we ain’t going a day with a showering because we’re not heathens. Also, we’ll be sitting in a car for way too long to not get some sort of exercise in and after that we’ll need to refresh. So we did some research and got a gym membership. The that we chose gym is awesome because for $20 a month we get access to over 1,300 locations nationwide, free tanning, free hydro-massages and then a place where we can shower. We budget about an hour and a half each day for this to keep ourselves in shape and smelling not so bad.

Food: We’re growing boys and we get hungry and I am personally hungry nearly 24 hours a day and eating out all of the time is not always the healthiest option and definitely not cost effective – plus the abundance of ballpark foods we will probably consume will give us our fix of fats, sugars and carbs. So we have a sexy red cooler in the back of the car with sliced meats, cheeses, condiments, two growlers of beer (trust me this will be necessary) and a 10 pound bag of ice in it. So if we’re ever hungry we get our carbs, protein and calcium in one quick meal. We also have protein bars and instant coffee to tide us over if we need something really quick if we have like 14 hours to get to a location with only 20 hours to spare (which we will encounter from Oakland to Anaheim… yikes).

Podcasts: One can only listen to the same road trip playlist so many times before it becomes mind-numbing and pointless. So we’ve adopted the idea of Podcasts so that our minds can stay stimulated and we can actually learn something! Right now we’re listening to “Adam Ruins Everything” podcasts that are teaching us the ins and outs of public transportation. Thanks Adam, looks like we should have taken the bus around the country… In all seriousness, if you haven’t seen Adam Ruins Everything on TRU TV or YouTube then you’re missing out. It’s informative and surprisingly humorous. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

Anywho, those are our main secrets that have made our first day pretty seamless. Naturally we hit any and all traffic the western side of Washington has to offer; anyone who lives there can tell you Renton, Tacoma and Olympia are all of the hot spots that literally never catch a break. Definitely looking forward to enjoying the slow-moving vehicular flow of LA… Any bets on who kills who first? We still have 52 days left.

First game for us will be AT&T Park in San Francisco on August 7th, then to Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on the 8th. When that game ends around 10:00PM we then leisurely drive down I-5 in the dark to be able to make it to Anaheim for the Angels game at 12:30PM the very next day. Look forward to a poorly written, delirious blog post for that experience. Thanks for reading! TTYL




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