Tourists in Paris

written by JT

Okay so the way this was supposed to work was that we were going to do things out of the ordinary and find obscure places to visit and shoot. Well we’re in Paris for the first time so you’re going to have to bear with us. In the last 36 hours we’ve walked 20 miles and seen basically every tourist attraction in Paris. Now don’t get me wrong, this place is MAJESTIC. But Paris is the most popular city I the world to visit for tourists and why not The architecture is spectacular and since Paris is really only 41 square miles which is like 2/3 the size of Washington DC so in reality it’s not that big.

But let’s take a second to realize how many places there are to see in this very small amount of space. Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Versailles, the Pantheon, Moulin Rouge, what feels like a million museums and yes, of course, Disneyland Paris.I’m exaggerating but it can definitely get overwhelming (thank goodness the wine is SERIOUSLY cheaper than water). Over the last 48 hours, Wikipedia has been our best friend. And by this I mean I’m looking around like the basic tourist I am while Chad hovers behind me with his eyes glued to his phone checking out every interesting fact about every place we visit here. If you ever wonder who is the creative mind and who is the logical mind, just follow us for like 45 minutes in a place we’ve never been and you’ll be able figure that out really quickly. I basically just wait until Chad begins to recite what he’s recently read and that’s how I get my information. My little audioencylopedia!

The French have been extremely nice and welcoming. Most people speak English here and they are always very helpful. The only time that I had any issue was when I was trying to buy wine and I didn’t have exact change. The girl behind that counter rolled her eyes in a way I’ve only seen in Lindsey Lohan movies and proceeded to short change me. From what I hear, not having exact change is a no-no in Paris so I smiled and walked out with my Rose.

It’s a very judgmental culture here in Paris – which in reality is pretty refreshing because I walk out of the door knowing I’ll be judged so my inhibitions basically stay in our AirBnb anyways. Like, really, the chairs in the cafes in Paris are oriented in a way that they face the street because of the biggest past times in Paris is people watching… and we thought we were judgey in America, the French are so good at it that they’ve made it an outright hobby.

You gotta respect the utilization of their national talent, though.

Regardless, it’s 5:45AM here and I figured I should write something to fuel content. It’s an incredibly beautiful spot and I’m still getting used to this blogging thing. I’ll try and get Chad to write one soon. Thanks for following along I promise things will get more substantial!

We’re going to Disneyland in 4 hours so that should provide some stories 😉 Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Au revoir!


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