We Out

written by JT

Ok let’s be real… moving out of any domicile just plain sucks.

Moving out of our 68 year old apartment complex was no exception. From using apps to sell random furniture and electronics to physically playing a game of life sized Tetris through a 3 foot corner staircase with a 4 foot wide couch – it was work and made us realize we ain’t doing that again any time soon.

So it begins, with Chad OFFICIALLY out of the Navy after being honorably discharged for 5 years of service (thank you, sir) we can start doing what we’ve set out to do. First trip is Paris and Venice for a few days to celebrate Chad’s cousin’s graduation from high school (congrats, Olivia!). After this post you can expect more complete and consistent dialogue from myself and Chad – you’re welcome.

But first, I want to highlight what it was like getting here. The cycle was as follows:

  1. JT works and Chad works during the week. We sit after work and plan our trips.
  2. When the weekend comes, we got bored and would cross some sort of border (state, domestic, international, you name it)
  3. Come home and move and sell some stuff and then do it all over again

Pretty menial and redundant which is why it’s SUCH a relief to be writing this blog while drinking a Merlot in the international terminal in the Seattle-Tacoma airport.

  1. Our local destinations included:
    1. Oregon coastline | it’s official, we’re beach people – even in the PNW.
    2. the Walla Walla Valley |if you haven’t been, great wine and great people.
    3. the Wenatchee National Forest | we shared a hammock in the middle of a forest an low and behold found out that our idea of camping is a Motel 6 (thankfully)
    4. The Palouse (way Eastern Washington)| I went to Washington State University, #GoCougs!
    5. British Columbia, Canada | Yea, we’ll hike… It’ll hurt, but we’ll hike.

If there’s a blog post associated with one of the destinations, click on them to enjoy our expedition! I must warn you, I’m a sarcastic son of a gun that enjoys a heavily mixture of realism and optimism. I like to think it’s a part of my charm.

Until next time! See you in PARIS!!!

XOXO don’t f**k with me



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