The Notice

It’s official. Notice has been given to vacate the apartment where all of our adventures have begun to come to fruition. The generation of ideas and wanderlust will not die in Seattle, better the beautiful landscapes and skylines of Washington and the Pacific Northwest will always serve as the origination of our adventure. Sometimes we think “what the hell are we doing” or “how are we going to pull this off?” and we get overwhelmed by the plans we’re making, even WE get lost in how much we’ve thrown on to the calendar. So let’s put it on paper, shall we?

(locations and dates are not permanent and are subject to change, but that doesn’t mean the adventure is going to be any less awesome).


July 18th – July 27th | Quick trip to Paris and Venice

August 5th – September 24th | The Baseball Roadtrip

September 26th – October 7th | Munich for Oktoberfest

October 8th – December 7th | Iceland, Spain, Italy, and Portugal + etc.

December 8th – December 15th | St. Maarten

December 17th – December 24th | Caribbean Cruise

December 25th – January 1st | Home for the Holidays

2018 | We’ll have to wait and see


And now we pack. Sell all of our stuff. Chad’s got his storage unit and I have basically all of the furniture in the apartment. Hard hit of reality when things start to vacate the unit and it becomes more and more empty over the next 30 days. Chad being in the Navy is going to be of help, thank God. JT’s going to have a little bit tougher of time adjusting. Sedentary in Seattle for the last 16 years doesn’t exactly offer much help when it comes to living the life as a vagabond.

Regardless, keep checking for photos of our small weekend trips. This weekend will be the Oregon Coast with a couple of close friends. When waiting for the big time to come, it’s the small things that are going to be the most important.

Be bold, be intrepid!

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